Derek Warnick, The CME Guy, is an experienced CME professional who has been part of the CME community for over 10 years. He graduated with a Masters of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University, and soon thereafter began his CME career at his alma mater. After six years in academic CME, Derek moved on to direct his own CME departments at a national cancer organization and later with an accredited medical education company. This diversity of CME settings has enabled Derek to gain experience in a multitude of roles and responsibilities. He has done everything from leading successful ACCME reaccreditation campaigns to designing CME department websites to certifying international annual conferences to establishing online disclosure databases.

To go along with his CME expertise, Derek has developed a passion for social media and exploring how social learning tools can benefit the CME community. Derek uses his blog, Confessions of a Medical Educator, to advocate on behalf of the CME community and to encourage his colleagues to embrace the opportunities presented by the adoption of social media into their daily routines. He is a founding member and guest host of #CMEchat – a weekly Twitter chat on the science of CME – and moderator of #CMEreg chat, which revolves around regulatory, compliance, and accreditation issues. A frequent contributor to the Continuing Medical Education LinkedIn group, Derek is also experienced using Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, SlideShare, and other social media platforms.

Derek is an avowed technophile, which, combined with his advanced knowledge of accreditation standards and social media awareness, brings a unique perspective to any CME-related situation. His warm sense of humor and easygoing personality make him a pleasure to work with. For more information about Derek, please see the About Me section of his blog.